Roundwood is a raw material that was not sawn along the trunk. The wood is sold in round form- we offer wood that is with or without bark. Branches and the tip of the roundwood are removed but the rudimentary form is kept. The basic roundwood division depends on trunk’s diameter and product’s length. Thus, we can distinguish between:

  • multidimensional wood,
  • medium dimensional wood,
  • small dimensional wood (for use and firewood)

Our company is focused on the extraction and distribution of high quality raw material from the category of multidimensional roundwood, from subcategories:

  • rough timber- where the distinguishing factor is the length of the log- from 6m for deciduous trees and from 9m for confier trees;
  • log- characteristic length from 2,5 to 5,9 m (deciduous trees) and from 2,5 to 8,9 (confier trees)

The wood that we use is of the best grade- we usually use pine and spruce.

The use of roundwood is very wide. Depending on its dimensions (length and trunk’s diameter) the wood can be used as unprocessed or can be used in the manufacturing process. Unprocessed roundwood- especially logs and rough timber- can be used as the base of construction in the form of poles, stakes or perches. Roundwood can be used as sawmill’s raw material. It is used to make sawn timber and then can be processed due to the type of the wood and the length of a log or rough timber.